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1、Live beautifully, dream passionately, love completely. 活要活得美好,梦要梦得热烈,爱要爱得完整。

2、You must be happy not in vain I had to withdraw distressedly. 你一定要幸福不枉我当初狼狈退出。

3、you are the pretty sunshine of my life

4、I tried so hard to let you go. 我已经如此努力放手让你走。

5、You are my Achilles heel . [ 你是我无法抗拒的弱点。]

6、There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears. 世上最美的,莫过于从泪水中挣脱出来的那个微笑。

7、i can not keep up with your pace in running time. (我乘着时光奔跑也跟不上你的步调)

8、Promise, sometimes, is what a cheater said to a fool. 承诺,有时候,就是一个骗子说给一个傻子听的。

9、If you don't insist if you do not work hard, then regressed now will eventually disappear. 如果不坚持如果不努力,再牛逼的现在也终将销声匿迹。

10、Why do you hide in a corner of the world to give you the luxury of much attention. 你躲在角落里凭什么奢求世界给你万众瞩目。

11、Hells Gate Arrested,God Wiht us,And Shine Heaven Now。

12、Sometimes, you have to accept this reality: some things can not return to the past. 有时候,你不得不接受这个现实:有些事情已回不到从前了。

13、Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again. 有了你,我迷失了自我。

14、We love others too early,self love too late. 我们爱别人太早,爱自己太迟。

15、You are the apple of my eye. 你是我眼里最珍贵的人。

16、There is no royal road to learning. 求知无坦途。

17、Rose too Senyimenta. 玫瑰太过青涩

18、The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost. 珍爱一切的好办法是:意识到你可能会失去它。

19、those you love most hurt you most. 【vs】 你越爱的东西伤你越深。

20、And then deep memory, also has forgotten the day. 再深的记忆,也有淡忘的一天。

21、You're my contradictory dream, drunk and afraid of getting drunk. 你是我期待又矛盾的梦,想喝又怕醉的酒。

22、We are the people who have suffered from the pain, and who have been bleeding for the rest of their lives. 我们是受过了伤痛,余生都在流血的人。

23、I prefer the one who makes me feel better than the one who makes me feel at ease.比起让我心动的人,更

24、Time will abandon those funny oath, until we also agree. 【vs】 时间会摒弃那些滑稽的誓言,直至我们也苟同。

25、我的脾气赶走了很多人 但留下了最真的人 My temper off a lot of people but the most people

26、The consequence is to make blind and disorderly conjectures put yourself into despair. 胡思乱想的后果就是把自己逼到绝望

27、Mother is the most beautiful word in the world (世界上最美的单词是母亲)

28、The night has been very deep we should have a good dream. 夜已很深 我们都该有场各自的好梦。

29、Love is a carefully designed lie (爱情是一个精心设计的谎言)

30、Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow. 勇气就是虽感恐惧,但仍会前行。

31、Don't tell me false, I am lazy perfunctory别跟我虚伪, 我懒得敷衍。

32、Be crazy if you love.If you don't.then be strong. 爱就疯狂,不爱就坚强。

33、Probably growth is not anxious not impatient polite smile. 大概成长就是不急不躁待人礼貌微笑。

34、There's somebody out there for everybody. You just have to wait for god to bring them into your life. 每个人都注定要遇到那个特别的人。你要做的就是等待老天将他带到你的身边。

35、I want a not my hand hug. [我想要一个不用我伸出手的拥抱。]

36、C. Dont let others have you (不想让别人拥有你)

37、Maybe the best way is to survive, pay no heed to. 也许、漫不经心是生存的最好方法。

38、I was the original I just smile more thin cool。 我还是原来的那个我 只是少了笑容多了薄凉

39、I didn't cry because it is over, but suddenly learned to miss it. 我没有哭泣啊,只是突然学会了思念而已。

40、After losing the lights do not panic, you can also see the stars. 失去灯火之后不必慌乱,你还可以看见满天繁星。

41、Paper plane fly farther take away my heart 纸飞机飞的再远带不走我的心情

42、Pain is a part of growth. ——疼

43、It doesn't matter is ok, just everything cannot go back. 没关系没关系,只是一切都回不去。

44、I like you from the heart, not the mouth.我喜欢你来自心脏不是口腔

45、Those who are heartless, once cared too much. 那些绝情的人,都曾经在乎得太深。

46、Some person's figure made me glance recognition (总有人的背影让我一眼人认出)

47、I love the one I think smile boy

48、I decided that I did not love you.我决定不爱你了

49、Love without end hath no end.情绵绵,爱无边。

50、On the way to the future, everyone is a lone traveler. 在通往未来的路上,每个人都是孤独的旅行者。

51、When I'm not happy, tell me, don't forget to have me.. 不高兴的时候就告诉我,别忘了还有我。

52、I would like to accompany you to go to retire from the green years. 我愿意陪你从青葱岁月走到安享晚年。

53、Bad days will pass 坏事情总会过去。

54、I never need you, don't need you then insincere words 我从来都不需要你,不需要你那假惺惺的话语。

55、And I n

56、Youth means limitless possibilities. 年轻就是无限的可能。

57、Want to have must first know how to accept 想拥有必先懂失去怎样接受

58、Sometimes, miss is not time, is feeling. 有时候,我们错过的不是时间,是感觉。

59、You are m

60、A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.活得长并不见得活得好,活得好就是活得足够长。

61、You left in peace, and left me in pieces. 你安然离去,我碎了一地。

62、Pain teaches us what to avoid. 疼痛教会我们该避开什么。

63、Finally h

64、I love you, looks like you not to love my same firmness. 我爱你,就像你不爱我一样的坚决。

65、Storms make trees take deeper roots

66、Does not belong to me,I wil let go 不属于我的,我会放手。

67、We are not wrong, is young ruined promises

68、Time will abandon those funny oath, until we also agree. 时间会摒弃那些滑稽的誓言,直至我们也苟同。

69、You can do it too!你也做得到!

70、Love's mysteries in souls do grow, but yet the body in his book. 爱情的秘密在双方的心灵中生成,但形体是表白爱惜的书。

71、Love understands love; it needs no talk. 相爱的心息息相通,无需用言语倾诉。

72、For Love,put quality before quantity. 爱情,宁缺毋滥

73、Time has taken away our things but never asked us to love. 时间带走了我们的东西 却从来不问我们情不情愿。

74、You can’t buy love. But you pay heavily for it. 爱,钱买不到它,却会狠狠的为它买单

75、Victory won''t come to me unless I go to it. 胜利是不会向我们走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。

76、When the heart starts functioning for someone, the brain starts malfunctioning too much. 当一颗心开始为某人运转,大脑功能就开始大面积失灵。

77、The moon does not hold you, time destroys you, but I love you. 月亮不抱你 时光摧毁你 可我爱你

78、You can smile, but not empathy 可以微笑,却无法感同身受

79、Being single is better than being in an unfaithful relationship. 比起谈着充满欺骗的恋爱,单身反而更好

80、A we missed the time, France. 【vs】 时间一点点被我们错过,擦肩而过。

81、Pure will loss ,Youth fades. 【vs】 清纯即将流失 ,青春逐渐消失。

82、Behind every successful man there's a lot u unsuccessful years. 每个成功者的后面都有很多不成功的岁月。

83、I can't laugh haobuguji, you should understand the injured people can't let go past. 我无法笑的毫不顾忌,你该明白的受过伤的人无法释怀过去。

84、There's always

85、It has not been the time yet to give up as long as you still feel it is not the end. 只要心里还存着不甘心,就还未到放弃的时候。

86、The time that you are my mostfatal. 时光深知你是我最致命的爱。

87、Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. 幸福不会眷顾那些不珍惜拥有的人。

88、Life is measured by thought and action not by time

89、The past can be unforgettable but it must be let go. 过去的事情可以不忘记,但一定要放下。

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